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Key Areas of Service

Commercial Tax Incentives

The AAEDC works with new and existing businesses on startup and growth projects, some of which can be supported through incentive programs including, Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Tax Abatement, Industrial Revenue Bonds, and the State of Minnesota’s Job Opportunity Building Zone (JOBZ) program.

Demographic Information

The AAEDC strives to be a demographics, statistics, and information clearing house for our area and produces different publications each year focusing on the growth and changes of our communities and all of Douglas County.

Revolving Loan Fund

In addition to commercial tax incentives, the AAEDC has a pair of Revolving Loan Funds at its disposal to assist businesses with growth and expansion projects in the area. Funds are specifically used in coordination with primary financing through a financial institution and cannot be used as the primary means of project financing.

Business Planning

The AAEDC works with a large variety of businesses and individuals in the business planning process. Business planning assistance is tailored specifically to the individual’s or business’s needs.

Site Selection Assistance

In a continuously growing effort to assist area realtors and property owners in marketing commercial properties throughout the area, the state, and the nation, the AAEDC maintains two supplemental property listing databases of “for-sale” and “for lease” properties throughout Douglas County. These databases are free for the listing of commercial properties in Douglas County and serve as a database of properties that can be easily accessed by individuals, businesses, and site selectors from throughout the nation.

Financial Packaging

As a part of business planning, the AAEDC can help individuals and businesses to create and analyze financial projections to identify potential needs of the business. Within the financial packaging and planning process, the AAEDC does not recommend any specific commercial lending institution(s) to clients.

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