Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission

Best Place to Build...

» Growing Economy

» Financial Incentives

» Site Selection

» Centrally Located


Best Place to Work...

» Career Growth

» Variety of Industry

» Robust Healthcare

» Short Commutes

Best Place to Live...

» Safe Hometown Feel

» Strong Education 

» Outdoor Living

» Arts & Culture

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you living in the Alexandria Area?

We are so thankful we live in a place like Alexandria, where the community is growing and thriving.  It’s the perfect place to become an entrepreneur and it has been the perfect fit for our family. We LOVE so many things about Alexandria...we feel so lucky to live in a beautiful place where it feels like you’re on vacation every day.
- The Auran Family
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I’m originally from Bogota Columbia. Bogota has roughly 10 million people in the City, so I was looking for a community that I could be part of that would allow me to fully immerse myself in. I wanted to know what it was like to be Minnesotan. This area is so rich in culture – I mean, seriously, who says uff dah and eats lutefisk? I wanted a larger “small” community, and Alexandria was that fit.
-Andres Rodriguez
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