Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission

Experiencing the Alexandria Area Culture

Meet Andres Rodriguez

I’m originally from Bogota Columbia. After attending high school and undergrad there, I applied for, and was accepted into a graduate program at the University of Missouri. Bogota has roughly 10 million people in the City, so I was looking for a community that I could be part of that would allow me to fully immerse myself in. I wanted to know what it was like to be Minnesotan. This area is so rich in culture – I mean, seriously, who says uff dah and eats lutefisk?

After graduating from graduate school, I looked for a position that would fit my job skill set. I wanted a larger “small” community, and Alexandria was that fit. I have a husband that works in television in the Cities, so we do split our time, but the small town feel of Alexandria is what I was looking for. I have been in the Alexandria area for three years now as an associate scientist in genomics with LGC Douglas Scientific. We are a global leader in delivering genomic solutions for R&D, diagnostics and applied markets.

The focus of the LGC Alexandria site is the development, manufacturing and servicing of laboratory instrumentation and consumables. My role touches almost every department with our company – from marketing to customer support. I love that LGC Douglas Scientific started off as a very small company in the Midwest, but we are now part of a larger company that employs over 2,400 people, operating out of 22 countries worldwide. We have a very family friendly environment and are a close-knit organization.

What I really love about living in the Alexandria area is experiencing the culture. Of course, the winters are a challenge – they can be quite miserable, but you make do. I ice fish in the winter, and I love all our beaches and outdoor recreation in the summer. I run on the trail and enjoy the many parks we have. Everyone knows everyone, so once you find your group that you fit with, you make many friends.