Looking to expand or grow your business?

The Alexandria Area is built on a diverse and a variety of industry sectors that makes up what makes this the best place to own a business. We want to make sure that you are able to expand and grow your business to new heights. When you’re ready we will be here to help you in that next step.

What Our Area Has To Offer

  • Available Land & Buildings

    The Alexandria area and Douglas County features a wide variety of commercial land and buildings available for sale or lease.

  • Business Incentives

    The AAEDC has delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of incentives to area employers.  By choosing to locate in Douglas County, businesses can access the following incentive programs that are designed to support successful business growth.

  • Technical Training

    The area college also acts as a feeder for skilled workforce entrants to businesses throughout the Douglas County community and beyond as it offers over 50 programs in the classroom and online settings to learners of all ages.

  • Leader in Automated Packaging

    Home to five of the world’s leading manufacturers of automated packaging machines, marking the region as one of the leaders in technology development and innovation in this industry.