Alexandria Area Demographics

The Alexandria Area Facts provides demographics and a statistical overview of the Alexandria/Douglas County, MN area. Data within this publication is gathered from a wide variety of sources and is compiled to provide a detailed community profile. Hard copies of the publication can be requested from the AAEDC.

Population Estimates by Area

The population of Douglas County continues to grow at a rapid pace and is projected to continue growing into the future. Most significantly, the Douglas County area is projected to maintain and grow its “under 45” age group, who are in their prime working years. The presence of a wide variety of stable and growing employers, along with the lakes, natural environment and excellent education opportunities continue to draw and retain residents of all ages.

Median Household Incomes

The median household income level for Douglas County continues to grow at a rapid pace. While the gap is lessening each year behind the State of MN ($61,492), the median household income for Douglas County at $54,531 has surpassed the US ($53,889).

Source: U.S. Census Bureau Website – State & County QuickFacts

Douglas County Labor Force Projections

Douglas County MN Employment & Average Weekly Wage by Industry

The Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development (DEED) regularly publishes employment information for Counties throughout Minnesota. The data is broken into industry segments and the average number of employees and weekly wages are calculated. To access a historical breakdown of employment and weekly wage information for Douglas County, visit Minnesota DEED.

Industry Weekly Wages

Workforce Commuting Patterns

The Alexandria area workforce is made up of approximately 23,975 individuals who live throughout Douglas County and the surrounding region. Local employers draw approximately 18,132 workers from throughout the region to the area. These individuals not only work in the Alexandria area, but they often shop and receive services here as well. The impact of these regional customers on the local shopping market has allowed for the Alexandria area to sustain businesses that would not normally be able to survive in a community of its size.

The average commute is 18 minutes – which is lower than the Minnesota average of 23 minutes.