Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission

Entrepreneur vs. Small Business Owner

So you have a great idea. But do you have many ideas that will change the world? This simple definition is the difference between small business owners and entrepreneurs. Small business owners set out to solve a problem in their community. They are there to serve their customers needs. Entrepreneurs on the other hand set out with big ideas that haven’t been tested. They don’t know if they will even work or be possible.

Entrepreneurs love to take risks. They are willing to try new things and are not afraid to fail. After all they have more ideas to test. Small business owners like to know what to expect. They want to understand what their customers want and service is the most important.

Why is it important to understand these differences when planning a business? It is essential to understanding how to develop your business plan. Whether you are planning for day to day customer interaction or thinking six months ahead will drive your plan. Everyone should plan for the future. Knowing your goals will allow planning for the level of growth you seek. Success comes with an understanding of the groundwork needed to build a business plus the plan to implement it.

Blog Author: Shannon Berns is a seasoned business professional with over a decade of experience. Shannon has a Master of Business Administration degree from Hamline University. Shannon is an entrepreneur who has participated in numerous ventures over the past ten years. Her resume includes experience in banking, Economic Development, marketing, and advertising. Shannon is Founder of Du Nord Consulting and the Non-Profit organization Ripple MN.
Shannon is an outdoor enthusiast who finds adventure in everything she does. She works directly with businesses and entrepreneurs to navigate their organization toward growth. Shannon believes that success begins with supporting and engaging a collaborative environment for our businesses and community. In your backyard or across the globe.