Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission

Minnesota Manufacturing Week – October 1-7

Minnesota Manufacturing Week, October 1st-7th, is designed to showcase Minnesota’s diverse manufacturing and technology industries in order to increase legislative and public awareness of their importance in providing high-wage and high-skilled jobs for our communities.

The manufacturing industry is a dynamic segment of Minnesota’s economy, and an integral part of Minnesota’s economic development strategy.

Manufacturing has the second largest total payroll among business sectors in Minnesota, providing $21 billion in wages.

Manufacturing contributes over $49.2 billion to the Minnesota economy and accounts for the largest share of the state’s gross domestic product (16 percent).

Manufacturing provides over 323,618 highly skilled, high paying jobs, which significantly contribute to Minnesota’s high standard of living and economic vitality. Each manufacturing job generates another 3.2 jobs in others areas like sales, marketing, shipping and more.

The Alexandria area is home to four of the world’s leading manufacturers of automated packaging machines, marking the region as one of the leaders in technology development and innovation for this industry.

Equipment designed, engineered, and manufactured by Alexandria area companies is utilized by businesses across the United States and around the world.

Manufacturing is one of the top employing industries in the Alexandria area with 20% of its jobs.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff of the Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission, we would like to thank our manufacturing and support industries for their crucial role in the continued success and growth of our communities.