Alexandria Area High School, Future Workforce

Endless Opportunities to Engage with Our Future Workforce

The Academies of Alexandria are continuously looking for volunteers to partner and interact with our future workforce within the four academies; Business, Communication & Entrepreneurship (BCE), Health Sciences & Human Services (HSHS), Engineering, Manufacturing, Technologies & Natural Resources (EMTNR) and Freshman Academy. The latest program seeking partnerships is CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies). What is CAPS? Alexandria CAPS is an innovative program at the high school that focuses on immersing students in authentic career experiences.

CAPS is designed to help students increase professional skills needed for working in the real world, whether college is next or stepping directly into the workforce. These skills are developed through hands-on, project based experiences while working in a professional setting. With the help of the community, these unique experiences are possible.

Each academy is hosting a CAPS Showcase to learn about the positive impact of partnering with a CAPS class, as well as hearing from past students and business partners talk about their experience with the new program. Learn how you can get involved. These dedicated partnerships build a pipeline for future workforce in the area.


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Alexandria Area Job Fair 2018

Join us for the annual Alexandria Area Job Fair

February 7, 2018

The Job Fair will be in the Law Enforcement Gymnasium at
Alexandria Technical & Community College

Click to check out our area job listing HERE >>

Benefits of the Job Fair

  • Talk face to face with employers
  • Learn more about participating companies
  • Expand your network of contacts

Why Companies Participate

  • Meet qualified applicants for current openings
  • Build an applicant pool for future openings

Preparation Tips

  • Prepare a resume that presents your skills, experience and education
  • Proof your resume – have someone else proof it as well
  • Develop and practice a brief “commercial” of yourself – include a summary of your experience, education, skills, strengths, and goals
  • Research the companies your interested in talking to at the Job Fair
  • Prepare questions that show interest and knowledge about the company

During the Job Fair

  • Be organized and have your resume readily available
  • Dress, speak and act professionally
  • Be assertive, offer a firm handshake and make direct eye contact while you use your “commercial” to introduce yourself
  • Demonstrate confidence
  • Collect company information and ask about follow-up procedures
  • Repeat your interest in the company

After the Job Fair

  • Send a thank you letter
  • Follow up. If you do not hear from an employer, make contact with them