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Endless Opportunities to Engage with Our Future Workforce

The Academies of Alexandria are continuously looking for volunteers to partner and interact with our future workforce within the four academies; Business, Communication & Entrepreneurship (BCE), Health Sciences & Human Services (HSHS), Engineering, Manufacturing, Technologies & Natural Resources (EMTNR) and Freshman Academy. The latest program seeking partnerships is CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies). What is CAPS? Alexandria CAPS is an innovative program at the high school that focuses on immersing students in authentic career experiences.

CAPS is designed to help students increase professional skills needed for working in the real world, whether college is next or stepping directly into the workforce. These skills are developed through hands-on, project based experiences while working in a professional setting. With the help of the community, these unique experiences are possible.

Each academy is hosting a CAPS Showcase to learn about the positive impact of partnering with a CAPS class, as well as hearing from past students and business partners talk about their experience with the new program. Learn how you can get involved. These dedicated partnerships build a pipeline for future workforce in the area.

Employment Law, Manufacturing

Area Manufacturing & Development

Manufacturing Week, October 2nd-8th, is designed to showcase Minnesota’s diverse manufacturing and technology industries in order to increase legislative and public awareness of their importance in providing high-wage and high-skilled jobs for our communities.

The manufacturing industry is a dynamic segment of Minnesota’s economy, and an integral part of Minnesota’s economic development strategy.

  • Manufacturing has the second largest total payroll among business sectors in Minnesota, providing $20 billion in wages.
  • Manufacturing contributed almost $48.2 billion to the Minnesota economy 2015, and is the second-largest industry (16 percent) contributing to our private gross domestic product.
  • Manufactured exports brought $18.9 billion into the Minnesota economy in 2015.
  • Manufacturing provides over 317,200 highly skilled, high paying jobs, which significantly contribute to Minnesota’s high standard of living and economic vitality.
  • The Alexandria area is home to four of the world’s leading manufacturers of automated packaging machines, marking the region as one of the leaders in technology development and innovation for this industry.
  • Equipment designed, engineered, and manufactured by Alexandria area companies is utilized by businesses across the United States and around the world.
  • Manufacturing is one of the top employing industries in the Alexandria area with 18% of it’s jobs.

On behalf of the Board of  Directors and Staff of the Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission, we would like to thank our manufacturing and support industries for their crucial role in the continued success and growth of our communities.


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