Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission

The Need for Professional Partners

When embarking on your entrepreneurial adventure, it is essential to have the right tackle in your box. Having a solid set of professional resources available to you will allow you to streamline processes and save time and money. Building that list can take time and finding the right fit is very important.

At different points in my journey with clients there can be a need to refer them to one or more of these professionals. This may be forming a partnership with a Business Attorney to consult with on structuring the business or a CPA for tax related questions. I strive to build the relationships necessary to have these referrals in my toolbox. In many cases I also look to these partners to provide me lists of other professionals they trust. After all, it takes a village. Being grounded in and connected with my community is essential to guiding business growth within it. Building relationships the tailor to many different needs, specialties and business models is what assures me that my clients have the choices needed to find the best fit for them.

The challenge is with showing the value of these professionals to my clients. Why not use an online tool or service? Is the question I often receive. Yes, there are many things that can be done online for less cost. I compare it to the online nurse diagnostic services. Yes, self diagnosing a common or obvious ailment can be done with little interaction from a doctor or nurse. These services are convenient, absolutely saving time and sometimes money. But what if there is another ailment not being addressed? Your doctor or nurse will give you an exam and ask a number of other questions that will ultimately bring them to a diagnosis.

The process and value is the same with any other professional service. There may be nuances that are overlooked with an online service, or there might be a solution that is more cost effective in the long term or appropriate for your business. Regardless of your issue or task, it is worth consulting with a professional. The good ones will point you down the path of least resistance even if the path might take you back to your own desk.

Blog Author: Shannon Berns is a seasoned business professional with over a decade of experience. Shannon has a Master of Business Administration degree from Hamline University. Shannon is an entrepreneur who has participated in numerous ventures over the past ten years. Her resume includes experience in banking, Economic Development, marketing, and advertising. Shannon is Founder of Du Nord Consulting and the Non-Profit organization Ripple MN.
Shannon is an outdoor enthusiast who finds adventure in everything she does. She works directly with businesses and entrepreneurs to navigate their organization toward growth. Shannon believes that success begins with supporting and engaging a collaborative environment for our businesses and community. In your backyard or across the globe.